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*** We Are Currently Not Accepting Vehicles Over 10 Years Old Or Scrap Cars ***

Need A Quick Sale?

If you’re looking for a fast way to sell your car that’s hassle free and simple, as well as fast and reliable, look no further than the Kildare-based company, If you’re just wondering what your car’s current market value is or if you’re in the process of making the decision about selling the car, you can call us by phone at (045) 499 040 or send your information to us using our contact form on the website to get a free quote with absolutely no obligation or cost to you. Once you’ve contacted us, we’ll get back to you to make an offer.

Once you’ve made the decision to sell we continue to make it easy for you. We will arrive at your location, no matter where it is, to check your car. Once we’ve confirmed that your car meets our bid, we’ll complete the paperwork and pay you on the spot before we remove your vehicle at no cost to you.


Cash For Scrap Cars

We pay cash for most types of motorized transport including old 4x4s, vans, and cars. We buy vehicles in an accident, even if a determination has been made that the vehicle can’t be repaired economically. Additionally, even if there’s mechanical damage such as a faulty suspension or an overheated engine, we’re also interested in purchasing.


Why use a cash 4 cars service?

1. People who have a car that doesn’t work but who still owe money on the vehicle find that they can be released from the burden of those payments and put cash into their pockets instead.

2. The repairs necessary to your car are very costly and aren’t worth doing.

3. The car simply isn’t working out for you because it cost too much money to run on a daily basis and you need something different.


Sell Your Car

We’ve helped many customers who appreciate the fact that doing business with us is free from hassle and happens quickly. If you allow us to take care of things for you, here are some of the benefits that you’ll see:

  • Vehicle recovery. We recover the vehicle for you. We pay for that cost of recovery. If your car isn’t running or in a condition that safe to drive, it’s not your problem.
  • Fast payment! You get paid immediately. Once the transaction is complete, we hand you a check for the vehicle. You don’t have to wait.
  • A Vat Invoice with every purchase. With every purchase, you get a vat invoice. We operate within the law so you never have to worry about legal problems in the future.
  • Speed. It’s fast. From start to finish, expect to spend less than 30 minutes taking care of your problem car. In many cases, we can even complete the process over the telephone making it extra easy for you.
  • Time! There’s no need for you to place an advertisement to sell your car. That means no dealing with random strangers who may or may not buy your vehicle.